BCJCA presents

BC High School Chess League 2024

BCJCA runs the BC chess championship for highschool students!

The current districts involved are:

Tournament Format

We will be using the FIDE Olympiad system for pairings. Each team's average rating will be taken and used to pair with the Swiss System. If a player has no CFC rating, use the following conversions to assign a rating to the roster member. Prioritize in this order:

If none of the conditions are met, the player will be listed as unrated and their rating will be taken as 0. The team members will be ordered by strength, from 1st to 5th. The highest-rated player on one team will be paired with the highest-rated player from another team in their match, the second highest with the second highest, etc.

All CFC Rapid rules apply!

Qualifier Format:

Time control: 15+5 Rounds: 6 (if fewer than 7 teams, a round-robin format will be used) At the end of the qualifier, overall game points will be tallied to decide the winner. Match points will be used for tiebreak, then head-to-head score. Qualifiers will be held sometime between mid-February and early April. The organizer for each district will contact the club leaders in order to find a suitable time and venue.

How to Sign Up: